Date archive: May 2010

With oil and coal still on track to provide most of our future energy needs — especially in fast-developing countries like China and India — many see carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology as a vital strategy for keeping the economy humming without choking the atmosphere with greenhouse gases.
Britain’s Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the […]

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Jurdy finds too much oil in all the wrong places …

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A new type of crystalline material with an amazingly high internal surface area could hold the secret to effectively capturing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.
Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are fast-tracking research into metal-organic frameworks, a recently discovered group of materials with unique structural properties. The crystals pack a huge amount of […]

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Nearly a quarter-million homes in Texas are set to have smart meters installed over the next five years that will be able to measure energy usage every 15 minutes.
The meters are also designed to let the region’s electricity provider eventually manage demand response and efficiency.
Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) plans to install 231,000 SmartSynch SmartMeters in […]

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The latest prediction for where the world is heading in terms of energy use doesn’t exactly paint a rosy picture. But future reality is probably even less rosy than the outlook indicates, as it seems to be based on a few wildly optimistic assumptions.
The US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) “International Energy Outlook 2010″ predicts that […]

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The electric car market is set to enjoy a big boost in Stockholm, thanks to a 62 million (SEK) grant from the Swedish Energy Agency.
The grant will go to a joint venture led by the city of Stockholm and the Swedish energy company Vattenfall, which are working together to promote the adoption of electric cars. […]

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Greenqloud hasn’t even launched its its renewable-powered cloud computing service yet, but it’s already receiving rock star-like attention in the cleantech world.
Based in Iceland, Greenqloud is a startup that claims to be “the world’s first truly green public compute cloud.” It’s an IaaS (infrastructure as a service provider) that’s fully powered by two clean-energy sources […]

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As bad news — in the form of thousands of barrels of oil and gas a day — continues pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, the oil company behind the gusher says it will put a half-billion dollars toward studying how the spill will affect the region’s marine and shoreline environment.
While $500 million is nothing […]

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Judging by the latest report from the World Economic Forum, it sounds as if the world’s infrastructure — highways, water systems, power grids, etc. — are being held together with chewing gum and baling wire.
The report, “Positive Infrastructure: A Framework for Revitalising the Global Economy,” finds there’s a worldwide spending shortfall of $2 trillion a […]

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Here’s a question: why would an organisation dedicated to publishing greenhouse gas emissions data not realise that traveling by plane unnecessarily contributes to the problem it’s supposedly interested in solving?
Cisco blogger James Martin recently wrote about how would-be travelers had to find different ways of conducting long-distance business when the erupting volcano in Iceland forced […]

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